Checklists to ask your General Physician in Bangalore , Pune
Questions you need to ask your General Physician

Questions you need to ask your General Physician

You walk into any doctor’s chamber and you’d probably assume that it’s entirely the doctor’s responsibility to ask you questions and your job is to answer them. But have you ever given a thought that it’s your health and you should have a few questions of your own to ask? Despite their best intentions, they are likely to misconstrue.

That’s why it is important to be proactive when interacting with your physician.

Let’s talk about such questions that you should be asking while consulting a General Physician:

What are the different options to consider?

Gone are those days when a doctor prescribes a solution and dictates you to follow the same. Nowadays, the entire decision-making process is not only the doctor’s area of concern but also it’s his duty to inform the patient about the various options and then sort them out together. To ensure that this conversation arises, you may have to ask your doctor about the alternatives. Only then you’ll be aware whether you should be considering different options or not.

Do we have to attend this now or can we revisit it later?

It’s natural for a doctor to be thorough with their tests and treatments for any patient that pays a visit to them. But sometimes certain tests or therapies can surely wait. Asking “Is this necessary at the moment?” can get the doctor to reconsider his/her decisions.

What are the possible side effects?

There’s always a possibility of outcomes that you might not be aware of. Since side effects are common, it is suggested to know them from the concerned doctor beforehand before the patient gets into any kind of treatment process.

Should I get a second opinion?

It is likely for an opinion to vary from one doc to another. It depends majorly on the area of expertise, his or her insights on the particular symptoms and their causes might differ. And solely for this reason, a second opinion is always advised.

Do I really need these tests?

Adhering to better-safe-than-sorry philosophy is in doctor’s nature. So, in order to avoid such a circumstance, one should inquire and understand the urgency of a certain treatment. A patient should always be conscious before committing to a certain course of action.

‘A curious patient is a healthy patient’ – as the saying says, show up prepared. That way you will have the right guidance. If you have queries regarding your medications, you’re on the right track.

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