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Detection & Prevention of Dengue & Malaria

Detection & Prevention of Dengue & Malaria

Even in this day and age of technology and medical advancements, Dengue and Malaria still remain one of the highest causative agents of death around the world. Despite their latent malicious nature, many people remain unaware of the far-reaching consequences of these diseases, resulting in such high numbers of deaths from malaria and dengue worldwide. Read below the Prevention of Dengue & Malaria

Despite being so harmful, these diseases absolutely need a vector to spread through, namely mosquitoes, where they can mature.

Prevention of Dengue and Malaria

We can prevent diseases like Dengue and Malaria by keeping our surroundings mosquito free, as these diseases can only spread when we are stung by these pests. Follow these steps to keep them away

  • Screen your windows – Ensure that all entry points to the home, like windows, vents, etc have fine mesh screening on them. This way you can keep the mosquitoes out, without suffocating yourself.
  • Protective Clothing – When you’re going outside, and especially to a mosquito-infested area, then opt for wearing full sleeves and jeans. Stick to lighter colors, as studies have shown that mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors.
  • Mosquito Repellent – There are all kinds of mosquito repellents that you can use to keep them away. Applying repellent creams on exposed parts of your skin when you go out, switching on the repellent device in your home, etc are definitely effective when it comes to repelling mosquitoes.
  • Reduce mosquito habitat – All kinds of stagnant water are breeding grounds for these mosquitoes. You should take care that there aren’t any open and stagnant puddles of water in your bathroom, garden, or anywhere near your house. Get regular spraying done in your house and it’s immediate outdoors, to ensure total elimination of all mosquitoes and their eggs.

Detection of Malaria

In countries like the US, where malaria is not an endemic disease, detection and diagnosis is much harder, because it is so unexpected. However, in tropical countries like India, malaria is more common and affects most of the population.

The symptoms of malarial fever are:-

  • Muscular Pain and Headache
  • Recurring Fever, accompanied with alternate bouts of chills and sweats
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Weakness and Fatigue
  • Dry Cough

People suffering from these symptoms should be taken immediately for a blood test, to find out if they are infected with the malarial virus or not.

Detection of Dengue

Symptoms to suspect from dengue fever are :-

  1. Sudden high temperature
  2. Severe headaches, especially behind the eys
  3. High muscle and joint pain
  4. Nausea and Vomitting
  5. Skin Rash

If you have most of these symptoms, then the next step is to consult a medical expert, who will most likely prescribe a blood test to detect the dengue virus.

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