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Health Care At Your Work Place

Special Offers

We set up & maintain your medical room with examination bed, emergency equipment like oxygen, IV etc. & medical & pharmcy supplies. A qualified nurse is provided through working hours on all working days. Doctors visits are provided as per company needs.

Experienced GP visits 2-5 times a week for 2-8 hours per visit,based on company requirements.
Choice of Male/Female doctors as per company regulations. Qualified nurses can also be provided. Compliances of Medical room & health reporting as per Factories Act/Company policy provided.

  • Pre Employment Health Checks;
  • Annual Health Checks;
  • Specialized Health Checks;
  • Food Handler Testing;
  • Health Checks as prescribed under Factories Act;
  • Can be customized to the requirement of the company to also include areas like eye, dental, audiometry etc;
  • These tests can be carried out on site at Company premises or at our clinic network;

Travel &Flu Vaccinations in company premises

Customized health camps,yoga,fitness, health talks etc. as per company requirements.

A fully equipped with basic emergency equipment e.g. Stretcher,Oxygen,First Aid Kit, etc. will be stationed at client location with a skilled driver to carry victims to nearby hospitals

Using this option, the employees and their dependents can avail clinical consultation services from Family Physicians and Specialists; from the convenience of their homes or work locations- using various mediums such as Tablets, Smart Phones and Computers.

Employees can order of drugs and these are conveniently delivered to the Employees desk on a daily basis

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